Meta's Llama 3, Amazon's Covert Operation, and EU Scrutiny of Microsoft-OpenAI Deal

In this episode of the Discover Daily podcast by Perplexity, we explore the latest advancements in AI technology, corporate espionage tactics, and potential antitrust investigations. First, we dive into Meta's release of Llama 3, a series of open-source large language models designed to enhance AI applications across various platforms. These powerful models, available in 8 billion and 70 billion parameter versions, are already integrated into major cloud platforms and will power Meta's new AI assistant.

Next, we uncover Amazon's covert "Big River" operation, a secret intelligence-gathering project aimed at collecting data on its competitors. By creating a subsidiary that posed as an independent entity, Amazon employees were able to attend rivals' conferences undercover and gather sensitive information on pricing, logistics, and business practices, raising questions about corporate espionage.

Finally, we examine the potential EU antitrust investigation into Microsoft's $13 billion investment in OpenAI. The European Commission is assessing whether this partnership could restrict competition within the EU market, focusing on whether Microsoft exerts control over OpenAI. While no formal probe has been launched yet, the situation remains fluid as other regulatory bodies also consider their own investigations.

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