Words Create Worlds: Problem Cases Aren’t Real

Listen to the episode ⏱ duration 34:08 | date: Wednesday November 13, 2019
- Insanely Positive :) Live Your Best Life, 13/11/2019 - Words shape our thoughts, actions and our view on ourselves and others. Words are powerful. Even when we say them lightly and don’t really mean it, they have a profound effect on our whole being. Find out how words can either put us in a box or let us unfold our full potential. One word triggers an abundance of associations and - without us being aware of it - shapes our view on ourselves and others. This episode asks all of us to mind our words because they create our reality. Sending you my hugest smiles, Suzanne. Get in touch and talk to me about my show and what you would love to hear: on my blog ( or @suzannefreiherz on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. And find out what I do besides talking to you: YUNA® ( and @yunakeepflowing on Instagram and Facebook.

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