Episode 28—InvisiYouth Chat Sessions with Award-Winning Chronic Illness and Lifestyle blogger, founder of Spoonie Survival Kits, author and freelance writer Pippa Stacey

InvisiYouth Chat Sessions: A Video Podcast Series ∙ Friday March 13, 2020 ∙ duration: 1:10:09

Episode 28—InvisiYouth Chat Sessions with Award-Winning Chronic Illness and Lifestyle blogger, founder of Spoonie Survival Kits, author and freelance writer Pippa Stacey

Sometimes you make fast friends with people. That’s exactly what happened when founder Dominique was first introduced (via Twitter, obviously) to our very special guest on this episode, British chronic illness and lifestyle blogger, founder of Spoonie Survival Kits, author and freelance writer, Pippa Stacey. It’s no exaggeration when we say Pippa is a fan favorite among the chronic illness community, really giving practical yet humorous advice on life with health struggles. This is a young woman that has created a fundraising social enterprise company, developed a freelancing career and being awarded for her successful blog which is gaining a quarter MILLION impressions per month…and she’s not even 30 years old! Getting to unite Dominique and Pippa in one episode is like having an explosion of girl boss flare, sassy chronic illness humor, and activist creativity all while showing how they’ve redefined what success looks like. On this episode, Dominique and Pippa dive deep into their pop culture favorites from must read books like @mindfullyevie, why Pippa would immediately book a train to see Six Musical on the West End, and all the reasons Dominique raves about inclusive and accurate casting on TV series like This is Us with Blake Stadnik and Skam France’s glorious Season 5 with Winona Guyon and Lucas Wild, and lead Robin Migné for deaf culture and ableism discussion. Pippa also lays out all different ways she homed in on her craft of writing and improved so her hobby had the ability to become a career path, and listed how volunteering or school opportunities allowed her to figure out her interests that fit with her health needs. Plus, we give you the top tips and reasons to do the best professional DM slides that will absolutely give you the resume glow-up you’ll need to be mentored, get work experience and take the steps to be empowered to create an authentic career. There’s even some insider tips on how to find jobs that are flexible, virtual and remote so it will cater well to your chronic illness/disability needs. And our Intermission Story Time is EVERYTHING as Pippa tells the story about her quite literal crash entrance at the largest disability expo in the UK, Naidex. packs a punch as Dominique and Pippa delve into the topic of Pippa’s TEDxTalk, redefining success as someone with chronic illness/disability. We learn how to generate financial and personal success and chat about a few options young people can take in order to garner some employment success, and the advice on how to talk about your work and personal life with your inner circle when it may be hard for them to understand you can be “chronically ill AND happy.” And it wouldn’t be right to bring Pippa on the video podcast unless we had an entire segment dedicated to her masterful skills on social media. You want to TAKE NOTES on this as these ladies lay out gems of how to blend personal life posts with some activism flare in the captions, why Pippa likes to hold her projects secret until she can reveal major news that’s louder than bombs like her book release, the best examples of how to handle those negative and passive aggressive comment sections—like our 48-hour rule—and Dominique explains why we’re a champion of subtle activism on social media where we take the “Easter egg approach” to engage more people in advocacy while making your platform positively matter. There is not one minute of this video podcast episode that will not entertain you, build up your confidence, or instill some life tips that will put you on the best path for your future!

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