The Non-Alcoholic Beer Brand Worth $800M & Texas Power Grid vs Hurricane Beryl

Episode 362: Neal and Toby recap the havoc of Hurricane Beryl after it made landfall in Houston this past Monday and how Texas is often the target of climate disasters. Then, Athletic Brewing Company is leading the charge in America’s growing desire to drink without the drink–of alcohol, that is. Meanwhile, Jerome Powell goes to the front of the class of Congress to share that the US economy might have another foe besides inflation. Next, Etsy is trying to get out of its slump by reinventing itself as the “anti-robot” commerce company. Also, empty offices hit an all-time high, especially in San Francisco. Lastly, Ivy League social clubs are becoming a thing of the past as memberships are dwindling. Can speed dating save it?

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00:00 - Big sequels coming up

2:40 - Hurricane Beryl hits Houston

7:00 - Athletic Brewing is taking over

11:00 - Jerome Powell reports to Congress

14:30 - Etsy comeback story?

18:20 - Vacant offices continue to rise

22:00 - Ivy League clubs are fading away

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