Dario Forzato

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- The Big Break, 03/12/2019 -

If there is one thing that’s for certain, it’s that there are lots of ways to see success working in the Music Industry. Just ask our guest this week, Dario Forzato, a guitarist from Italy who came to the United States to pursue his dreams in music.

Starting from scratch in a new country, Dario hit all the music touch points: touring with a band, getting sync placements, working as a cowriter, but after getting a big placement in a video game he found his groove making production music.

Beyond video games, Dario has had placements in award winning TV shows, documentaries, in stadiums, and more. He joins us to talk about his journey and his method for musical success, on this episode of The Big Break.

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Show Notes

1:30Growing up in Milan and learning guitar

3:12Rock music

4:15What was the music culture and taste in Italy like?

6:11“I don’t care about what genre it is, if it’s good it’s good.”

6:50Film and TV and the attraction of film scores

8:06Starting to perform and tour professionally, and moving to Los Angeles

9:00Was it a difficult decision to move to the United States?

9:50Working with the RapScallions

10:38Composing and programming, and making the transition to full time producing

11:27“I came here with two bags, one with clothes and one with my pedal board and guitar.”

13:33What kind of tactics were you using to network when you came to the US?

14:20Licensing to video games like Rocksmith by Ubisoft

15:22Studying the business of producing

17:27What was your understanding of the music industry infrastructure like when you first started?

19:34Music in visual media

21:16Learning about Publishing and Copyrights and how the business works

25:51What’s your creative process for when you’re creating and where you ultimately want your 


29:06“Whenever you write for a TV show or Documentary, it’s a collaborative process.”


34:00“At some point you’re going to be known for something.”

37:20What was the first placement that you got that really told you things were working?

40:00Being a musician versus becoming a professional

42:26What were some things you would have done differently looking back?

43:55How to be persistent

46:11What does your typical day look like now that you’re more established?

49:05Embracing the business along with the music

50:30What do you have coming up?

53:40Across All States

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