cavnessHR Podcast - A talk with Joe Scalise - Founder and Co-Owner of VRHQ, LLC, and VRIQ, LLC,

Listen to the episode ⏱ duration 30:06 | date: Sunday October 20, 2019
- The cavnessHR podcast, 20/10/2019 -

Joe Scalise is the Founder and Co-Owner of VRHQ, LLC, which stands for  Virtual Reality Headquarters, a virtual reality arcade in 

Wintersville, Ohio. Joe is also soon to be the Co-Founder and Co-Owner  of VRIQ, LLC, which is a start up company dedicated to blending 

VR/AR/XR technologies into schools and education. Joe’s current mission is to raise the bar on education by using VR/AR/XR 

technologies to give students exciting hands-on ways to explore educational subjects mixed with emotion and the gamification of 

learning. His goal is to use these tools to increase participation, engagement, retention, problem solving, and emotional awareness in 

students. The coming 4th Industrial Revolution will change the landscape of the job market forever. Joe’s overall vision is to 

prepare students for the coming merger of A.I., robotics, and humans  in the workplace of the future.

We talk about the following:

1.      The future of AR/VR/XR

2.      AR/VR/XR in the educational space

3.      Time that kids spend on tech

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Joe’s Advice

Get your kids ready for the next generation, if you've got kids, you cannot skimp on their education, you can't not pay attention to whether or not they did their math homework, they gotta get A's. They gotta they have to fall in love with learning.

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