The Real Story Behind the Far-Right's Rise in Europe

We’ve been hearing that the far-right is on the rise in Europe for a decade now. And yet, with a few exceptions, these parties are nowhere near taking power. Even in the EU Parliament, where the far-right made gains for the third election in a row this week, nationalist parties are STILL expected to end up marginalized and powerless. What's driving them and what's stopping them? Max and guest host Josie Duffy Rice take a look at the rise of the German far-right AfD party to illustrate what’s going on across the continent and how we got here.



Germany’s AfD Rises to 2nd Place in E.U. Election - The New York Times

Far-right AfD appears as strongest German party on TikTok – DW – 06/04/2024

Germany's AfD: Euroskeptics turned far-right populists – DW – 03/11/2024

A Far-Right Dilemma for Europe’s Mainstream: Contain It or Join It? - The New York Times

Why Europe Could Melt Down Over a Simple Question of Borders - The New York Times

Germany’s Extreme Right Challenges Guilt Over Nazi Past - The New York Times

European Union: False Hopes and Realities | Foreign Affairs

Trump, Brexit, and the Rise of Populism: Economic Have-Nots and Cultural Backlash | Harvard Kennedy School

Germany's AfD: How right-wing is nationalist Alternative for Germany? - BBC News

Islam in Germany: Facts and figures -  Deutsche Islam Konferenz

High Tide? Populism in Power, 1990-2020

Perceived ingroup disadvantage, collective narcissism and support for populism

A New Stress-Based Model of Political Extremism - PMC

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