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99 Best Marketing Ideas ∙ Tuesday February 25, 2020 ∙ duration: 27:34

Ep20: A New Way to Serve Your Retiree Clients — with Bryce Hamilton

The path to retirement isn’t much different than climbing Mount Everest. Do you know how to help your clients brave the surprisingly most dangerous part of this journey?

Our guest, Bryce Hamilton, is a marketing consultant for WealthVest and a partner at Vestus Group. Bryce is here to share powerful ways for advisors to support a retiree clientele in their greatest time of need. This conversation will teach you strategies for leading a seminar audience to your call-to-action, how to create a smooth system for onboarding new clients, and how to give your clients support that goes beyond finances. 


In this episode, you’ll learn:


●    An example of how to create a seminar that overcomes every objection to your call-to-action

●    What part of retirement is, perhaps surprisingly, the most dangerous for retirees

●    What Bryce is doing to help clients learn skills that fall outside of the financial realm

●    About Vestus Group’s time-efficient and client-centric onboarding process

●    Why Bryce doesn’t blink at giving free plans to prospective clients

●    His advice for new agents and advisors

●    And more!

Tune in now to learn powerful ways to help your clients during the most anticipated journey of their lives.




WealthVest | Vestus Group | Bryce Hamilton’s LinkedIn | Income Solver

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WealthVest – based in Bozeman, MT, and San Francisco, CA – is a financial services marketing and distribution firm specializing in fixed and fixed index annuities from many high-quality insurance companies. For the 10,000 + baby boomers who are retiring daily, retirement is top of mind. Americans have purchased $24.2 trillion in retirement assets to insure their golden years, according to the ICI. WealthVest specializes in the marketing and distribution of these essential building blocks of retirement savings for financial professionals and their clients across the nation.

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