A Mug’s Gamebook

A Mug’s Gamebook ∙ Thursday May 07, 2020 ∙ duration: 1:45:03

PJ Liguori and Sophie Newton play Forest of Doom

When PJ and Sophie meet a dying dwarf called Big Leg on their travels, they are thrust into a perilous quest through the Forest of Doom to reunite the pieces of an ancient Dwarvish warhammer. Will they make it to Stonebridge as heroes? Or will the Forest's monsters, bandits and strange wizards get to them first?


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Join Tom Bartlett as he plays through his old Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books with special guests. Expect tense battles, hard choices, gruesome deaths, lots of laughter and maybe even a happily-ever-after.

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[This description is from A Mug’s Gamebook.]

Tom Bartlett plays through his old Choose-your-own-adventure Podcasts with excellent people

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