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Contact Confirmed: Karl Nell And The Points Between Disclosure (With Patrick AKA Vetted)

In this captivating episode of ‘Alien Addict,’ we sit down with Patrick, the insightful host from Vetted, to dissect a groundbreaking statement from the recent SALT conference. Karl Nel, a respected figure in the field, left the world astir with his unequivocal assertion: we are being contacted by non-human intelligence.As we navigate through this revelation, Patrick sheds light on the nuances of Nel’s declaration and its profound impact on the ongoing discourse of UFO disclosure. How does this contact reshape our understanding of the cosmos? What does it mean for the future of humanity and our place in the universe?Tune in to ‘Alien Addict’ for a deep dive into the unknown, as we explore the intricate dance of secrecy and revelation that surrounds the enigmatic presence of otherworldly visitors. This is not just a conversation; it’s a pivotal moment in the quest for truth, and you’re invited to be a part of it.Feel free to adjust this description to match the tone and content of your podcast. I hope your listeners find the episode both enlightening and thought-provoking!

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Description by Alien Addict
Divining the murcky paths between conspiracy fact and illusion. Astral projecting through the the vail of darkness that clouds our reality from the beyond and surfing the gravitational waves of truth to the centre awareness of the multiverse, while evading the darkness of those who worship evil. We strive to drag those things and beings who deceive and mislead into the Light. Join us on an adventure into the world hidden in plain sight.

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