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Armchair Reviews ∙ Wednesday September 11, 2019 ∙ duration: 1:02:49

59. You'll Float, Two: IT Chapter 2

Chris chats about IT Chapter 2, the sequel and conclusion to the 2017 banger, IT. The film is quite long and can drag on sometimes, but is still enjoyable for the most part. That being said, Chris was a little underwhelmed with the follow-up considering how much of a stand out the first IT was. Oh well, definitely still worth checking out!

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I'm just a dude from Ottawa, ON who used to live in Yellowknife, NT, who's now living in Vancouver, BC talkin' bout the biggest movies that have come out recently and having spoilery discussions about them! All from the comfort of my armchair. It's Armchair Reviews! Like I could do better.. [This section is from the podcast author. PodMust is not responsible for its content.]

We’re just two dudes livin’ in Yellowknife, Canada talkin’ about the biggest movies that have come out and having spoilery discussions about them! All from the comfort of our armchairs. It’s Armchair Reviews! Like we could do better..

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