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Clean construction: Tackling marine chemical pollution through technology

"The core concept really is that everything that gets discharged to the sewer, ends up in the environment, in one way or another" (Andrew Crimston, Founder and CEO of Washbox Global)

Chemical pollution in the ocean tends to be much less talked about than the highly visible plastics pollution, but is as equally, if not even more harmful. Back to Blue have published a comprehensive 100-page report on the state of marine chemical pollution in “The Invisible Wave”. This episode will give a deep-dive into marine chemical pollution in the construction industry. Back to Blue's lead editor Naka Kondo speaks to Andrew Crimston, Founder and CEO of Washbox Global.

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Back to Blue is an initiative of Economist Impact and The Nippon Foundation.

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Economist Impact combines the rigour of a think-tank with the creativity of a media brand to engage an influential global audience. We partner with corporations, foundations, NGOs and governments across big themes including sustainability, health and the changing shape of globalisation to catalyse change and enable progress. The Economist Group includes Economist Impact, Economist Intelligence, Economist Education and The Economist newspaper.

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