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Amy Stark is magic. You may already know Amy from her podcast, “The Ophelia Podcast,” but if you haven’t been acquainted, Amy is an author, speaker, teacher and podcaster about personal transformation.

We understand what personal transformation means, to a personal degree, but we didn't realize the different measures one could take to actually make change happen. For over a decade, Amy has been teaching others how to master their life and energy, with the most cutting-edge tools and techniques. She has lived throuhg her own personal transformation, evolving as a science teacher and adapting her life to helping others as a trained Reiki Master, Reconnective Healer, and E.F.T Practitioner.

In this episode, Amy gives us an introduction into E.F.T. and "Tapping," and reveals its powerful healing techniques that can lead you toward emotional freedom, joy, and your ultimate purpose. We laughed, we shed some tears, and we're now ready to dig into Amy's healing techniques on a deeper level. Let's go.

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Hey Y’all - We're Bevin and Brittney. Welcome to “Be My Neighbor.” Our neighborly duties are to provide real life solutions and practices that elevate and inspire, but also remind us to not take it all too seriously.  

We’re real life neighbors that quickly learned that you simply cannot do it on your own, living in a competitive and fast paced environment like New York City.

We don’t just share the sugar, we serve up the real tea. Each week, we invite you into the apartment along with our metaphorical and literal neighbors to share advice on how we get through this thing called life. 

From navigating relationships to building a career, we want you to recognize and embrace the best version of YOU. We want you to know that your “crazy” is ok, and that you’re definitely not alone. 

Our door is always open, and we want you to know... we’ve got your back.

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This description is from Be My Neighbor.

In New York City where the apartments are small and the walls can be paper thin, you start to know your neighbors on an entirely new level. That can take on a whole scarily new meaning, but in our case we found each other, when we weren’t even looking … or maybe we were?! Both of us were a part of the “no-new friends” club; not that we don’t love meeting new people and getting to know them, but with life, our relationships and work schedules, we both are blessed with amazing friends and who honestly has time to get to know the neighbors? Brittney knew that Bevin was an actress of One Tree Hill fame and an incredible Soul Cycle instructor, and Bevin knew that Brittney was in some form of fashion media by the countless boxes that piled up outside her door. Flash-forward to three years later, and we believe there was a reason we found each other 3 feet across the hall. Sometimes we know when the mood is “not right” and when one of us is down. Sometimes we hear each other fighting with our SO’s. But something was different from neighbors that ignored what went on between those inches of space, in that we were always there for each other. We decided it was only right to turn our weekly conversations about life’s struggles and happiness into our podcast, aptly titled, “Be My Neighbor.” Give it a listen – we would love to hear from you about your neighbor stories, life struggles, relationships, fitness regimes, etc. Little or big, nothing is taken for granted here in our safe space.

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