BEFULFILLED : The Real Stories Behind Success

Patrick Laurienti is committed to helping others through major transitions in their lives, not only as a real estate agent but, in how he shows up in his daily life. Troubled by challenges he saw within the real estate agency, he became committed to revolutionizing the way real estate is done. His startup is focused on helping real estate agents become more efficient by helping them delegate the one task that took the majority of their time, the task of showing homes. Patrick Laurienti lives, breathes, and loves real estate. He has been awarded the national 5-Star Professional Award by his peers and is a repeated top producer at his company.

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In our culture, everything is based on success, but what is success, who defined it, who decided that success was the goal instead of fulfillment? What happens if we shake up that definition? What if we make our own definition of success? My name is Tony Grebmeier. On this podcast, I'm going to dig deep into the real stories behind success. Join me as I interview other entrepreneurs who have climbed up Success Mountain and have come back down to share their stories so you can succeed if you're ready to join a community of other entrepreneurs, redefining success and finding fulfillment go to and join the community. Now let's dive into today's show.

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This description is from BEFULFILLED : The Real Stories Behind Success.

Chase the wins, study the lessons, and never give up.

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