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The Confidence Shift podcast is for the growth-focused, heart-led, creative, community-building entrepreneur or professional that wants to reclaim their confidence to be seen, heard, remembered and chosen so they can make their mark! valuable, visible and vocal by transforming their image presence and confidence mindset. Michele helps excellence-driven individuals turn their self-confidence & self-presentation into a superpower that connects and attracts success online, offline, from zoomroom to boardroom. Need people to buy into you, your work or your ideas? You need everything Michele teaches!

Michele Charles Gustafson is a 25-year award-winning veteran entrepreneur, marketing strategist turned certified image consultant, certified master life coach, personal branding expert, Amazon best-selling author of Show Up Confident, international success mentor and the creator of Hue and Style®.

Join Michele in each episode with “teaches” and reflections to help you gain clarity, spark your personal growth and see the power in learning to master traditional marketing strategy woven together with image consulting concepts that have created massive breakthrough results for her global clientele. Whether you’re building a business or climbing a career path and don’t know if your image, your confidence level (or both) is holding your back, Michele is here to break it down for you.  Get you started exploring the image-mindset-success connection.

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