Confidence Shift Podcast

Confidence Shift Podcast ∙ Tuesday January 28, 2020 ∙ duration: 13:18

The Best Way To Create Unbelievably Consistent Style

Consistency with your style and personal brand image is created with two very specific elements. If you have one without the other, you cripple your ability to create virility that builds a personal brand reputation over time. Michele explains the two parts that create consistency that are outside your closet and how to not fall in the trap of simple “how-to” tips that will produce temporary or short-sighted results.


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The Confidence Shift Podcast is for the female entrepreneur, professional or community influencer that wants to reclaim her confidence to be valuable, visible and vocal by transforming her image presence and confidence mindset. Michele equips women every day align their inner spark with the ability to showcase it to the world. Learn from her in bite-sized episodes that help you illuminate your influence and self-confidence.

Michele Charles Gustafson is a 20+ year award-winning veteran entrepreneur, marketing strategist turned image consultant, wife, mom, confidence coach and the creator of Hue and Style®. Join Michele each week of the season with “teaches” and reflections to help you gain clarity, spark your personal growth and see the power in learning to master traditional marketing strategy woven together with image consulting concepts that have created massive breakthrough results for her global clientele. Whether you’re building a business or climbing a career path and don’t know if your image, your confidence level (or both) is holding your back, Michele is here to break it down for you.  Gal, let’s get you started exploring the image-mindset-success connection.

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Image, Confidence & Success.

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