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Becky Pinney has over 23 years of correctional healthcare experience, and has become a leader in Corizon Health. In this episode, she shares her advice to candidates considering a career in correctional healthcare, and what can be expected of them in the workplace.

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We take care of patients inside the walls.

In dozens of jails and prisons across the United States, Corizon Health team members look after the physical and mental health needs of America’s most vulnerable population. Some have never seen a doctor or nurse. A large percentage arrive suffering from crippling addiction or untreated trauma and behavioral disorders. For many, the health assessment and follow-up treatment we provide is the most thorough window into their health they have ever experienced. Whatever their reason for being there, these individuals are patients who are treated with compassion, respect, and dignity.

This work is not for everyone. Our front-line caregivers and the team that supports them believe the Corizon team can provide these individuals something they desperately need. Our community partners value our work because they share this mission and know that their communities are better places when offenders leave those walls and go home healthier and better equipped to begin a new life.

But not everyone can do it. Here on Corizon Health Radio, you’ll hear the stories of those who can and do make this life-changing impact on others every day they show up at work. They don’t do it because it’s easy. They do it because it is important and makes a difference. 

Let their stories tell you the rest. And for more information about our company, visit us online at

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Corizon Health is the pioneer and foremost provider of correctional healthcare in the United States.

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