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Description by Crypto Cafe With Randi Zuckerberg
Embracing newcomers and OGs to Crypto, NFTs and Web3. With everything you need to know to succeed in the space, each week focuses on our favorite NFT, Crypt and metaverse projects. You won't want to miss this big pot of Crypto coffee and NFTea.
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Randi Zuckerberg wants you to know all about Web3. She launched a podcast which includes chats with tech futurists and metaverse finatics.

The early Facebook exec spends the first few episodes talking with crypto leaders like Chris Cantino, Brin Morin and Jaime Schmidt. Like her brother, Zuckerberg’s been pivoting toward crypto and the metaverse since her days at Facebook: She rolled out a platform for Web3 leaders and a creator accelerator for women-led crypto businesses.

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