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#887 - Sell a Way of Thinking

@taylorawelch explores the intricacies of the sales funnel, focusing on the middle stage. Contrary to common practices, he advocates for introducing friction in this phase to filter out unqualified leads. He discusses the importance of vetting potential clients based on need and time, ensuring alignment with your target market. Learn the art of inserting friction strategically to avoid attracting the wrong audience and preserve your time and reputation. Let's dive into the nuances of qualification and discover how it leads to genuine, long-term client relationships.

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(00:58) Funnel levels

(01:42) Thinking content

(02:40) Inserting friction

(03:47) Qualification in middle of funnel

(04:31) Need and time qualification

(05:43) PQL

(06:00) Selling a way of thinking

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Description by Daily Mind Medicine
Welcome to The Good Life with Taylor Welch...Taylor built his first business to 70M in valuations and now runs a portfolio of brands and businesses making the world smarter & happier.On this podcast you'll find a mix of different content - mindset talks, live event recordings, YouTube snippets, and directly applicable content to help you grow your business AND your life.
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