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Despite of being an award-winning dancer and having worked with some big names like Rihanna, Drake, and Backstreet Boys, when it comes to accepting her own achievements, Esie Mensah has come a long way. Throughout her career years, Esie has been constantly exploring internally as an artist. And by doing that, her voice has been getting stronger and stronger. As the creator of the beautiful theatre show Shades, which re-examines the wound caused by prejudice against a person based on the darkness of their skin colour, Esie hopes to provides a healing opportunity for its audiences while challenging them to confront themselves and to shift their defaults. She recently appeared on Ted Talks  to continually exploring shadeism, not through dance- the art form she is familiar with, but with speaking words instead. By knowing that she has a message to give, Esie delivered it with a standing ovation. 

Photography: Vai Yu Law

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Dear Seekers is a platform and podcast for the curious, reflective and explorative souls. Our core endeavour is to encourage curiosity, create meaningful encounters and conversations, celebrate the rare and offbeat, inspire the maker, protect the past, and unit the curious.

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