Fierce Females of History

When we think of style icons, we often think of charming actresses, sultry singers, beautiful models and those two or three friends who manage to make a tiny camisole and corduroy pants look unbelievably chic. To those friends, we love you as much as we hate you and your effortless style.

But you don’t normally think of bank robbers, criminal masterminds and murderers. Nevertheless that never stopped Bonnie and her boyfriend Clyde from capturing a nation’s attention as they embarked on one of the most famous crime sprees in history.

In this episode, you’ll hear about where Bonnie came from, whether she ever actually shot a gun and her tumultuous love affair with Clyde.

So strap in, buckle up, and maybe grab a bullet-proof vest. We’re going in, baby.

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Podcast: 10-41 - Bonne & Clyde by Todd McComas

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A quick disclaimer: we’re journalists, not historians, but we do love our history. Tune in every week as one of our three hosts shares the story of one woman. 

Want to discuss history, wine, Hulk penises or geese? 

Drop us a line here: [email protected]

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