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"Our stories our powerful. Our stories matter. Our stories need to be heard."

Diana Carolina Munera Gallo bravely shares one of the most remarkable stories, we have been able to record for Find Your Voice. As she is a good friend, I had to record this a second time, as the first time personally had me in tears and left me in an over emotional state.

Having seen the tragic loss of her mother, the murder of her sister, the sexual abuse of her niece and so much more toxicity across her life, Diana could have thrown the towel in, or turned bitter towards the world. Yet remarkably, she stands here today, full of love, gratitude, hope and kindness, a message not just through her words, but her actions she hopes trickles down into the rest of the world around her.

This is one of the most infectious, beautiful souls I have been so grateful to have connected with on Find Your Voice and I hope her lessons, allow you to change your own perspectives and also help you, dream and hope, in the midst of the adversities life will throw your way.


I urge you to follow her journey and I thank you once more for tuning in:)

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An empowering movement to help you combat your excuses, take control of your life, write your own story & most importantly Find Your Voice.

Whatever your current situation is telling you, it is not the end. It is just a chapter or page in the book of your life. This podcast will interview people from all walks of life who have faced, adversity, anxiety, grief, death, depression, family loss etc but have found a way to persevere and win. They have found their voice & have now started to write their own story.

It will also demonstrate to you that with the right mindset and correct action you too can really start taking control of your life and finding your way in life, at whatever it is that makes you happy.

Finding your voice is about showcasing your true self and making decisions for you, not to please others. It is a metaphor for finding your purpose in life and taking full responsibility and accountability for your future.

It's always been a goal to change the world, but I can't do this alone. I need your help. Join the movement and let’s share our stories to not only find our own voices, but to help others too.


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This description is from Find Your Voice.

Helping people find their voice & write their own story.

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