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Goop Tales is a children’s story podcast. Each children’s audio book is centered around a Goop that travels to a strange or foreign land. Each Goop has a naughty little character trait that gets them into trouble and out of Goop World and they have to learn a little lesson in order to get out of trouble and back home to Goop World. Along the way children will learn fun facts and get introduced to foreign lands and animals. At the end of each story podcast the listener is invited to visit GoopTales.com where they can view the story photos. The listeners are also invited to download the first half of the story and write their own story ending for publication at GoopTales.com. This kid’s audio story podcast helps children learn about good behavior while exploring the world. Goop Tales are stories for kids in an audio format.

Hello Goopies! 
In this Goop Tale Sketcher sketches a magical portal that leads him straight to a marketplace in Armenia. In the marketplace he befriends a very kind cloth doll who has been sitting on a shelf for years. His friendship doesn't last for too long because he gets bought by a spoiled young boy named Albert who takes him to the Armenian National Gallery.  Once in the art museum Albert loses Sketcher and Sketcher befriends a black cat statue who claims he can show Sketcher the way back to Goop World.  Can he?  Don't miss this thrilling episode filled with friendship, magic, and daring escapades in the enchanting Goop World!

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Create your own Goop Story with our new Goop Story Kit (click here to go to Amazon) and participate in the contest to win a video call with Maria, plus free coloring pages. Read more about the Goop Story Kit and the contest here www.gooptales.com/storykit
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