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GT129 - Colorina and Chemistria and the Sequoia Tunnels

Hello Goopies! 
In this Goop Tale Colorina and Chemistria, two adventurous Goop sisters, dive into a magical journey inside a mysterious Sequoia tree. When they encounter frozen creatures trapped in the 'between' by trolls, they must use their unique powers of color and chemistry to set them free. But when the menacing troll Knotty threatens their escape, the sisters must rely on their bravery and teamwork to outsmart him and find the secret exit. Don't miss this thrilling episode filled with friendship, magic, and daring escapades in the enchanting Goop World!

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Description by Goop Tales Stories
Getting kids off the screen and into their imagination 🎉 Nurture Storytelling Skills 🌍 Introduce to Cultures ✨ Connect with EmotionsGoop Tales is a favorite storytelling podcast among parents. Visit and discover over 100 original audio stories for kids filled with whimsy and wonder for young listeners ages 3 to 9, but fun for curious minds of any age! This podcast for kids is a great way to engage the other senses while escaping the screen zombies and experiencing entertainment and education in a new way. Let Maria's clear and slow voice beguile the youngsters with age appropriate stories for kids, songs and music that foster independent play and use of imagination, as well as broaden their horizons in a pandemic-safe way. This fun, family-friendly podcast is a great introduction to different cultures as it takes listeners around the globe and slips in interesting facts about different countries, cultures, and fascinating animals. Released twice a month, the expanding cast of listener-created Goops keeps the episodes fresh. With Goop Tales audio stories ranging from Nibolene falling through a doughnut hole and landing in Paris to Whinita befriending snakes on the Great Wall of China, this educational podcast will inspire conversations, spark imaginations, teach new ideas, and make kids laugh so hard they snort apple juice out of their nostrils.
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