Hal And Steve English: Teaching ESL and Living Abroad

latest episode: 08.18.2019 @ 6:37 am

5 Tips To Handle Class Killing Kids, Teaching ESL in South Korea

Welcome back to another awesome episode of our podcast. This week, we're talking about Class Killers. You know, the kids who are so bad in class, either through breaking classroom rules or n…

The Story of Hal And Steve English: Teaching ESL and Living Abroad

Welcome to the best Teaching ESL Abroad podcast… EVER! At least, that’s what we’re going to tell everyone in hopes that they’ll give us a listen. We’re two dudes, Hal and Steve, who chat about the practical parts of teaching esl in a foreign country. What do you do with super spoiled kids? How do you avoid the super boring after school outings? How do you avoid drinking 1 on 1 with Principal Kim because you’ll wake up with the worst hangover if you do? These are the questions! We try to answer them!

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