Hazardous Endeavors

Hazardous Endeavors ∙ Wednesday September 18, 2019 ∙ duration: 44:24

Inter Party Conflict - S02E26 - Hazardous Endeavors

Hazardous Endeavors Season 2 Episode 26 - Inter Party ConflictBetrayal!? A friend has revealed a terrible secret and Lindo is faced with a foe that means to end his life. With the party still entertaining the nobility downstairs, Lindo and his smitten beau must do what they can to survive the initial onslaught. Will our heroes find their way to win the day? Will secret ambitions be revealed? Will we find out what happens next in season 3!? Find out on this exciting season finale of Hazardous Endeavors! The characters are:Lindo Espina "The Beautiful Thorn" - Human Rogue - Played by The L…

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​Welcome to Hazardous Endeavors, a 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Real Play series brought to you by Digital and Dice. This is an ongoing series about the journeys of a band of adventurers as they travel a home brewed world named "Agrantha".  

​The Characters are:

Lindo Espina "The Beautiful Thorn" - Human Rogue - Played by The Lady Crass 

Wilf Quirk Tradewind - Gnome Bard - Played by Voiceover Guy Brian @VoiceoverB

Jaxom Shaw - Half-Orc Paladin - Played by Sound Guy Stephen @SoundGuyStephen

Elliot Frostmoon - Ice Genasi Wizard - Played by Wizard James

Game Master - Your Host Mark - @digitalanddice

We hope you enjoy Hazardous Endeavors!

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A 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons actual play podcast.

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