Hindsight is Horrifying

Description by Hindsight is Horrifying

Are you a grown-up who grew up in the TV Generation? You're in the right place! Hindsight is Horrifying is THE show for the TV Generation!

Hindsight is Horrifying is the podcast where two allegedly grown-up (and certainly somewhat cynical) hosts mine the TV shows and movies of our youth for the "grown-up" humor we just didn't get as kids.

At least that's the idea. We also do a lot of talking about movies and TV shows in general, and sometimes we even make sense!

Recorded in Alpharetta, Georgia, Hindsight is Horrifying is the show to check out if you grew up on TV and ended up just a bit cynical.

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We mind the TV shows and movies of our youth to find the grown-up jokes our young minds couldn’t get.

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