Inspirado Projecto

Inspirado Projecto ∙ Sunday August 02, 2020 ∙ duration: 1:03:04

Transurfing With Deirdre and Blythe

Blythe Baines & Deirdre Coval reveal their experiences with “Reality Transurfing” methods taught by Vadim Zeland. Also: astral travel, UFOs, synchronicities, remote viewing and all kinds of science fact-ion stuff you never realized was possible! Check out: Blythe Baines music on Spotify, Brian Scott meditations on Youtube, and “Transurfing in 78 Days” (free on . Also, Micky Dolenz from The Monkees says hi!

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Inspirado Projecto celebrates process of creation, riffs, USSU, dreams, epiphanies, interviews, manifestation of reality, improvisation, fringe theories, synchronicities and other surprises. Dr. Demento + National Lampoon + Alan Watts = Inspirado Projecto [This description is from Inspirado Projecto.]

An audio variety show based in process of creation, audience participation, epiphanies, dreams, synchronicities, paranormal experiences, surprise interviews, riffs, haikus, found poetry, etc. Alan Watts + Monty Python + Dr. Demento = Inspirado Projecto

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