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Invisible Not Broken ∙ Sunday February 16, 2020 ∙ duration: 54:32

How to be a Diagnosis Detective

“If you do the work - and it really is work - and ask yourself ‘Do i still want to live this way?’, you have the power to decide how it goes” - Dr. Achina Stein

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On today's episode, I interview the Sherlock Holmes of depression: psychiatrist and functional medicine doctor, Achina Stein. 

As a board-certified psychiatrist for over 25 years, Dr. Stein’s osteopathic roots set her apart from the conventional psychiatrists because of her use of the biopsychosocial approach paired with functional medicine, which has made her a diagnosis detective. 

Her son’s psychological health crisis in 2010 was the catalyst for exploring functional medicine, then establishing her practice, Functional Mind, and now the release of her book – the whole reason I knew I had to have her on the show – which is titled “What If It’s NOT Depression?”. 

➡️ visit Functional Mind Website:

[email protected]



HealthySelf Bootcamp, LLC, Founder Email: [email protected]


We discuss

  • Her journey with her son through unexpected depression and discovery of functional medicine
  • Digging deeper to learn the root cause
  • A new way of looking at the definition of depression


1:43 - interview begins

2:55 - her bio, her story (and her son’s)

9:00 - the difference between conventional, integrative and functional medicine

13:28 - what it means to dig deeper as a patient and a doctor

15:25 - what she does when she “cant figure it out”

23:47 - trauma vs internal conflict and influence on the body

24:32 - stories about when patients had a hard time digging up trauma

28:38 - biopsychosocial approach

30:00 - “What if it’s NOT depression?”

38:40 - difference between clinical and situational depression

47:50 - when you don’t know that you have experienced trauma


“The word ‘depression’ means so many things’s a word I would love to remove as a description of an emotion”

“Don’t lose hope. Find the right people to help you.”

Links Mentioned

the female sherlock holmes






(Disclaimer: all content based on personal experience and research and should not be taken as medical advice)




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