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What do you expect from your day each time you leave the house for work?

Do you expect there to be traffic.

Do you expect to have to search for a parking space or perhaps for the bus to be late.

Do you expect to take the first 30 minutes of the day to ease yourself into it.

What happens when there is a slight disruption to any of your daily routines, does it throw


What if instead, when you left the house, you didn’t know what the next 8 hours would be

like every time you left?

What if when the door closed behind you and you started your journey, you weren’t fully

certain would you ever open that door into your home again?

Could you do it?

Not just once, but everyday?

What kind of courage would you need to have?

It’s the life of a man born in New York to Leitrim Immigrants which answers these questions

for us.

This is his story.

Today’s music was written, preformed and produced by Ryhan O’Halloran.

The story was researched and scripted by Oran.

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We, The Irish, is a podcast is dedicated to Ireland’s history and stories which you might not be all too familiar with.

Ireland is a land of great people, and great stories, both of which get forgotten all too quickly.

We, The Irish looks to shares their stories and share the message of Ireland with the world.

We are small, be we are mighty

This podcast is an Ireland Loves Production.

The music for each episode is written, produced and preformed by the brilliant Ryhan O’Halloran.

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This description is from Ireland Loves.

Irish stories, legends, history and folklore

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