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Ireland Loves ∙ Saturday March 28, 2020 ∙ duration: 10:55

EP:4 After You Mick

Irish people have never been strangers to war, battle, sacrifice or death.

By the early 1900s, the flowing of blood was a much a common sight as the flow of streams.

Countless rebellions, battles and mass graves are a common sight.

The people, hardened by the experiences life continues to through at them, never back down from a challenge.

Coupled with this, is a confused sense of identity, having been under British rule for 800 years, but having rebelled at every opportunity, there is a mixed feeling going into world war 1 of the role the Irish should play.

Some stay home as an act of rebellion to the crown, others suit up and go to fight for the rights of small nations across the globe and others get their boots on and march proudly to the front lines under the guidance of the British crown.

From Ballincollig, county Cork, one man doesn’t just march, he glides into battle.

This is his story.

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This podcast is dedicated to Ireland’s history and stories. It is part of Ireland Loves, which is a series of channels promoting the best of Ireland. Listen to tales from 1916, stories from the ancient Celtic world of interviews with Ireland’s leading voices. Become an Ireland Loves Patron at The music for each episode is written, produced and preformed by Ryhan O’Halloran.
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Irish stories, legends, history and folklore

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