Luminous Life

latest episode: 08.07.2019 @ 8:59 pm

Paradigm Shift: Success From Hard to Easy.

How do you really feel about SUCCESS? Do you think it's hard or easy for you to achieve your desired results? Perception is your source of creation and our thoughts are incredibly powerful. We've all…

The Story of Luminous Life

Divinely designed to activate you on your journey back to your true authentic self. Luminous Life podcast is the bridge between our human experiences and our soul’s lessons. Using the wisdom of the Universe and blending it with personal tales of trepidation each episode shifts your awareness as it sheds a bright light on the deeper meaning of life. As you rediscover your sheer brilliance you will unearth your true power and magically come to uncover what limits you from truly shining in the here and now. The time has come to reconnect with the splendor of your soul and live a Luminous Life. 

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