Murder in the Land of Oz

latest episode: 08.12.2019 @ 12:40 am

Snowtown, Part Two

Listener warning: this episode will discuss paedophilia, sexual abuse, murder, torture, dismemberment, and other gross things we’ve managed to repress from our psyches. If you want your psyche to…
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The Story of Murder in the Land of Oz

A body hidden on the banks of the Brisbane River. The slain ex-convict who’s murder funded the University of Queensland. And an accountant who brutally murdered his secretary in Queen Street Mall… maybe. Who said nothing ever happens in Brisbane? Join hosts Jessica Kate and Ellen Rose as they dig up the skeletons buried in our own back yard and take you on a macabre tour around Australia’s third largest city – home to the Stefan Needle, the Brown Snake, the crushing feeling that you’re trapped in a dead-end town that you can never leave, and some of the most brutal murders in Australian history.

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