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Musicals Taught Me Everything I Know ∙ Thursday June 04, 2020 ∙ duration:

Muriel's Wedding with Laurene Cooper-Fox

This week we chat with Laurene Cooper-Fox about which of life's truths can be gleaned from the Australian movie classic-turned-musical - Muriel’s Wedding!

The Sydney Morning Herald commented that: "Muriel's Wedding feels like the complete package: a beloved film seamlessly updated; a central character who retains all the ambiguities that made you root for her in the first place; a conspicuously inventive score peppered with classic pop hits, and a mainstage debut that will be talked about for years. Adapting his own screenplay to the stage and into the social media present, PJ Hogan's book amplifies the Cinderella aspects of Muriel's story without sacrificing the satirical and melancholic elements that gave the film its depth and heart."


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A podcast by musical-lovers for musical-lovers. Together our hosts will mine their musical libraries in order to learn whatever it is that musicals have to teach! [This description is from Musicals Taught Me Everything I Know.]

THIS PODCAST WILL SERVE TO PROVE THAT ALL OF LIFE’S TRUTHS CAN BE FOUND IN MUSICALS! TRUTHS LIKE: THE TRUE MEANING OF LOVE IS, IN FACT, STOCKHOLM SYNDROME (BEAUTY AND THE BEAST), THAT GIANT CORPORATIONS REALLY DO KNOW BEST, AND WE SHOULD SUBMIT TO THEIR WISDOM (URINETOWN) AND, THAT TAP DANCING REALLY DOES SOLVE ALL OF LIFE’S PROBLEMS (MACK AND MABEL). Each week our hosts explore the historical and social impacts of a particular musical – suggested by their guest host for that week. They will discuss at length the life lessons that we can take away from these modern philosophical treatises. Musicals old and new, classics and flops, star-vehicles and one-night disasters are all up for consideration.

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