My Songs Suck

latest episode: 07.11.2019 @ 10:16 pm

S2 Ep12 - 'DIG' ft. Brad McCaw

This week the boys talk with Brad McCaw! A world touring, musical writing musician! Be sure to Follow My Songs Suck on Facebook Check out Your Man Alex Smith! on Facebook, Bandcamp, Spotify &…

The Story of My Songs Suck

My Songs Suck is a podcast all about the creative process. Brisbane musician Alex Smith and fellow creative James Kehoe listen through Your Man Alex Smith’s discography examining the mistakes of the past, trying to uncover WHY these songs were so bad as well as how they might be fixed! Along the way they will chat with other local musicians and creative types to get their input and advice on what makes a good song and how to go about making the most of your creative impulses. So come along for this ride of self-discovery, reflection and regret!

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