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A podcast where NerdWallet experts answer real-world financial questions, empowering listeners to work toward their goals faster and manage their money smarter¹. Each episode covers a variety of topics, from practical money management tasks to choosing a budgeting app. The hosts, Sean Pyles and Sara Rathner, also share feedback and constructive criticism from listeners. The podcast aims to cut through the clutter and misinformation of today’s economic news and advice, helping listeners make the most of their personal finances.

Learn how moving could benefit you if you feel compelled to relocate due to safety concerns — and how to budget for a sudden move.
How do you financially and emotionally prepare for relocating due to safety concerns? 
What are the financial impacts of such a forced move? 
Hosts Sean Pyles and Alieza Durana discuss their experiences planning finances for relocations to help you understand the complex challenges faced by individuals seeking safer environments, particularly in the LGBTQ+ community. 
Alieza begins by interviewing G Chesler, a non-binary trans person, about their move from Washington DC to Portland, Oregon, providing valuable insight into the necessity of finding a supportive community, navigating healthcare and identity respect, and the emotional relief of living in an affirming environment. Their conversation reveals the deep emotional impact of living in a state that does not recognize or respect one's gender identity, the struggles with accessing appropriate healthcare, and the powerful sense of belonging found in a more accepting community.
Then, Alieza speaks with Lindsey Young, founder of the LGBTQ+ focused financial planning and investment management services firm Quiet Wealth, about the financial aspects of relocating for safety. They discuss creating a relocation financial plan, managing the costs associated with a sudden move and the importance of building a supportive community in the new location. They also focus on how to minimize income loss, budget for moving expenses and strategically utilize debt. This episode addresses two pressing issues for the LGBTQ+ community: the urgency of relocating due to hostile environments and the strategies to mitigate the financial strain that accompanies such a move. 
In their conversation, the Nerds discuss: LGBTQ+ relocation, financial planning, safe spaces for the LGBTQ+ community, emotional strategies, financial strategies, LGBTQ+ families, moving for safety, affordable cities, remote work, disability accommodations, community exchange networks, gender parity, workplace accessibility, hate crimes, discriminatory laws, queer community, non-binary transition costs, housing costs, sales tax savings, supportive communities, LGBTQ+ support organizations, moving expenses, financial stability, relocating for safety, job stability, moving costs, safety concerns, building connections, gender affirming care, LGBTQ+ legislation, and financial security.
To send the Nerds your money questions, call or text the Nerd hotline at 901-730-6373 or email podcast@nerdwallet.com.
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