Now Hear This

latest episode: 10.20.2019 @ 7:00 am

Randy Newman - Trouble in Paradise

We love L.A. and we also love Randy Newman. Good thing too because now you get to join us as we deliver a big slice of Randy's 1983 LP Trouble in Paradise as episode four of Now Hear Th…
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The Story of Now Hear This

What’s it all about? Simple and easy. We trade our favorite records and talk about one album per podcast for about an hour. We each picked six records for our first season’s twelve episodes. In every episode, imagine one guy is the “expert” (note: we are not experts) and the other guy is the rookie. We swap roles throughout the season. We walk through the history of the albums, run through the track lists, and attempt to turn each other – and YOU, the listener – on to new music. Mostly, we listen and laugh. You may too. The point of this show is to have fun talking about music with your two new best friends Paul and Ryan. You’ll notice that if you listen, then it’s gonna be that easy. Please join us in conversation, discover something new, and now hear this.

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