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latest episode: 01.21.2019 @ 8:24 pm

An Albon Assassination, OCR Euros, Helix Hell & Junior Hopes - #006

Episode 006 - "An Albon Assassination, OCR Euros, Feeling Flat, Helix Hell & Junior Hopes" - #006Its the New Year - 2019!! Welcome to Episode 6...We talk about whether or not OCR has fallen a bit…

The Story of OCR Disrupt Podcast

This podcast is all about obstacle course racing (OCR). We discuss and review kit, races, OCR community fundraising, athletes, events, provide tips, advice and tackle the controversial obstacle course racing conversations. We also try and find out just who could possibly beat Jon at Obstacle Course Racing? We want to include everyone in the disruptive OCR discussion so please get involved and join the debate at our OCR Disrupt Facebook group. Whether you are new to obstacle course racing or an experienced pro-OCR athlete, the OCR Disrupt Podcast is the audio place to be!

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