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Ominous Origins

This podcast features any and all elements of horror, supernatural, mysterious, and monsterous things. I take a look at historical aspects of topics ranging from demons to divination, all from the perspective of a private investigator. It’s everything you want to know about the darker side of the world.

New Zealand, 2010 is our setting for today's episode, for that is where the poor soul known as Scott Guy was unceremoniously gunned down in the driveway of the farm he partly owned. While there were some persons of interest, the police really only ever focused on one suspect: Scott's brother-in-law, Ewen Macdonald. 

Between behavioral issues on Macdonald's side, and family drama basically everywhere, Ewen was arrested and went to trial for the murder of Scott Guy, but was he found guilty, or is the true culprit still at large to this day? Listen to find out!

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