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latest episode: 08.19.2019 @ 6:11 am

Mahbod Moghadam - Rap Genius, Blockchain and Everipedia - #012

Mahbod Moghadam is an internet entrepreneur, angel investor, and co founder of Genius (formly Rap Genius) and Everipedia. He is currently Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Mucker Capital.Although Mahb…
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The Story of On The Bus Podcast

Rated one of the hottest new talk podcasts, On the Bus shares conversations with uniquely successful young adults. Listeners recognize that you CAN become anything you want to in life, no matter how far-reaching. Each guest brings something exceptional to the table. The talks are deeply thought provoking, insightful, interactive and penetratingly human. These young CEOs, monks, athletes, musicians, and travel gurus share stories, productivity tricks, aha moments, life hacks, and much much more.

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