One Third of Life

latest episode: 07.13.2019 @ 1:54 pm

Native Australian Mythology, Baiame Part 1

Tonight, your host Zane C Weber will continue to speak softly, soothingly and calmly through a Wikipedia article while you relax and slip into slumber. We seek to help those who have trouble relaxi…

The Story of One Third of Life

One Third of Life is the podcast to listen to when you cannot sleep; when you are so wrapped up in your own thoughts that you cannot unwind. This will be the companion to talk you to sleep. Host Zane C Weber will speak softly, soothingly and calmly while you relax and slip into slumber. Always remember, dear listener, sleep is a natural part of life that we should never have to force. We need only to let it happen. Listen on and sleep well, listeners.

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