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Madisyn Cox joins Michael Rasile to discuss postponing her enrollment to medical school for an extra year to try and compete at the 2021 Olympic Games!


Our Athletes with Michael Rasile  | Hosted by @MichaelRasile1

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Michael Rasile has conversations with athletes on their stories. From Gold Medal Winners to unfortunate injuries, for the amount of blood, sweat, and tears our athletes put in on a daily basis to be the best in the world, the least we can do is learn more about what they endure. Trials and tribulations, short comings and over coming the odds, these are the stories of Our Athletes from their mouth to your ears.DISCLAIMER: Our Athletes is not endorsed by or affiliated with the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee. This description is from Our Athletes.

I speak with Olympic Athletes and Hopefuls about their story and path to the games.

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