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Own Your Voice Podcast ∙ Tuesday May 12, 2020 ∙ duration: 1:07:14

How To Create Your Own Niche, Break Free From Algorithms, and Redefine Success (Ft. Zach and Maggie White)

Are you burnt out? Have you found yourself playing the Youtube/Instagram algorithm game, (because that's what it takes to be successful, right?) but find it sucking the life out of your passion? Or are you struggling to define who you are as an artist/entrepreneur, and can't seem to see how you fit in in today's mainstream culture?

You are NOT alone! In today's social media driven world, it is so easy to fall into the trap of chasing the online numbers and exhausting your energy while trying to follow someone else's path to success, only to find that you've lost sight of your creative artistry in the process.

Today's guest artists, Zach and Maggie White, are inspiring examples of how you can succeed without the label + pressure of being mainstream. In this episode, they share their musical journey, their songwriting tips, and their entrepreneurial process of staying relevant in Nashville's music scene without pressuring themselves to fit into a specific niche, play the algorithm game, or sell out to sound like everyone else. If they can do it, SO CAN YOU.

Reclaim your unique creative identity, take the pressure off, put in work that you will enjoy, and thrive with these simple tips from Zach and Maggie!

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Insa + YouTube: @ZachandMaggieMusic

Booking: www.ZachandMaggie.com

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In this podcast, leading Saint Louis vocal teacher and business woman, Gabrielle Stahlschmidt, offers practical tips, truths, tools, and inspiration to help ambitious entrepreneurs and artists own what they were made to do.

As the owner and SHE-E-O of Gabrielle Studio of Music, Gabrielle is passionate about inspiring and empowering strong, independent voices! Whether it be for business advice, encouragement for the daily grind, or insight into how to stand out and be heard in today's world, this is the podcast for all creatives!

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Personal development podcast centered around empowering voices through music topics.

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