Paint the Town Dead

Paint the Town Dead ∙ Tuesday July 07, 2020 ∙ duration: 1:15:23

Episode 18: The Elliott Murders

Andrew brings yet another twisted tale from Randolph County. After a stormy night in Dalton, Arkansas, two members of the Elliott family had been found murdered, and the other two were missing. It would take five years before any arrests would be made in this ghastly case.

After the horror, Andrew gets to make himself feel better by mocking Caitlin's lack of knowledge in geography, because Andrew is a jerk. Caitlin loves Unsolved Mysteries, and also her dogs freak out at some point.

The Creek Side Bones by George Jared:

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Andrew and Caitlin talk crime and nonsense.

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[This description is from Paint the Town Dead.]

Andrew and Caitlin talk crime and nonsense

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