Precrease & Collapse, an origami podcast

Precrease & Collapse, an origami podcast ∙ Thursday February 06, 2020 ∙ duration: 49:47

Nicolas Terry - Version française

En bonus de l'épisode 3, voici l'interview de Nicolas en français.

Notez bien que cet épisode ne contient que l'interview. Je n'ai pas traduit les autres rubriques. Elles sont disponibles dans l'épisode original.

Retrouvez Nicolas

Dans le prochain épisode, je recevrai Dáša Ševerová.

Création : Stéphane Gérard

Retrouvez-moi sur Twitter, Instagram et

Musique : Slottskogen Disc Golf Club, avec l'aimable autorisation de Wintergatan

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 Each month, I'll receive an artist or someone who changed the origami  world for the best. Should you be a creator as well, a compulsive folder  or a curious mind, you will have the opportunity to experience their  creative process. From confirmed artists to new talents, from all over  the world, we will talk about what drives them creatively, about their  inside vision of origami. Alongside these interviews, I will entertain  you with book reviews, origami spotting and podcasts suggestions.  [This description is from Precrease & Collapse, an origami podcast.]

Each month, origami artists will share their vision about their art.

Should you be a creator as well, a compulsive folder or a curious mind, you will have the unique opportunity to experience their creative process.

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