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Extreme E news aplenty with some electric powerboats and scooters sprinkled in for good measure on this episode of Regen.Media of the weekChris: The Owl Man ( )Deano: Secret Scotland ( )A final announcement for episode 50 - this is the end of Regen E Racing podcast, thank you to everyone for the support over the years, thank you to Nathan for starting this with me and putting up with my craziness. Thank you to all the guests we have had over the years, we truly appreciate you coming on the show and spending the time with us, we wish you all well in your future endeavours especially Beth Lily from the ERA championship that I had the pleasure of having lunch with at subway in New Zealand. Do not miss that series, ERA will be amazing.Thank you to the community on twitter who have engaged us in some awesome conversations and participated in our polls, thank you for laughing with us and putting up with my #notbias Tom Dillman and Mitch Evans love. Keep creating, keep sending me stuff to watch and listen to. I started this podcast to get more Motorsport friends and podcasting was a way to introduce myself and I have some great friends now so I feel I don’t need to podcast any more.*Shoutout to:** Jawad, Hit The Apex Podcast ( ) - All round good guy * The Outlap F1 Podcast ( ) guys - Jon, James and Andy * Lamer Gamers Podcast ( ) - Simply Travis and Rowdy 5000 * Not-Stalgia ( ) podcast * @huezoographics ( ) on twitter for doing the amazing episode artwork * Our partners Drillers Esports ( ) - GO GET EM!Thank you to Chris for coming on and saving the show when you did, we have had some awesome times on here you and me but I’ve decided to pull the plug, it's absolutely demoralising to see the downloads month on month declining and the last couple of episodes have been late because I’m travelling a bunch. I want to do other things. I won’t be available to guest on other shows as my gear will be sold.*The electric racing podcasts in this space to follow:** Inside Electric ( ) * The Motormouth Podcast ( ) * Motion E ( )And finally from me, if you want a podcast to keep going, let them know how much you love the show.Support this podcast at —

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Electric Racing Podcast. Deano & Chris will cover news, previews, race reviews, and more. Series covered: Formula E, Moto E, Extreme E, Roborace & Jaguar I-PACE eTrophy.

Support this podcast at — This description is from Regen E Racing Podcast.

Electric Racing Podcast. Deano & Nath will cover news, previews, race reviews, and more. Series covered: Formula E, ExtremeE, Roborace & Jaguar I-PACE eTrophy.

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