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Remodeling Business Blueprint ∙ Friday February 21, 2020 ∙ duration: 55:31

How To Instill Trust And Get Clients With A Website

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Episode Summary:

Today we are going to go over some of the finer points of making sure that you are answering whatever questions are being asked – primarily the unspoken questions. You’ll want to take notes on this one, as we go over how you can improve your website and make it the sales tool it is meant to be. 

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Show Notes:

00:03:06: Vicki Suiter Business Builder free webinar on teambuilding

00:05:56: Tech Tip of the Week: Autonomous Standing Desk

00:08:38: Topic: Use your website to build trust and get new clients

00:09:34: Why this is an important topic

00:10:49: We build contractor's websites

00:10:50: Make your website mobile friendly

00:13:18: It's not about you!

00:15:14: Question: Who are you?

00:16:35: Question: What services do you offer?

00:16:50: Question: What makes you different?

00:18:27: Question: Can you solve my problem?

00:19:46: Question: How can I justify this purchase?

00:20:57: Question: What's next? The process tab

00:24:01: Question: How are you going to handle issues?

00:26:04: Question: Are you accessible?

00:26:59: Question: Where can I learn more about your services?

00:28:10: Question: Why should I trust you?

00:28:56: Question: Who is the owner and his team?

00:31:52: Critiques of real websites

00:36:38: How to market with a Facebook pixel

00:47:40: Final crtique of other websites

00:50:39: Must-have tabs for a website

00:51:16: 3 most important tips for a website design

00:52:35: Summary of the episode

00:54:49: Quote of the Week by Melanie Beattie

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The Remodeling Business Blueprint podcast helps remodeling and trade contractors build stronger, healthier businesses, that are more touble-free and take less time to manage. Our objective is to help remodeling contractors have more free time to enjoy life, have a strong successful business, and have the assurance of a bright, enjoyable future. [This section is from the podcast author. PodMust is not responsible for its content.]
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How to increase profits and sales for contractors.

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