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We're maybe not your average Christian podcast. A few years ago, these kinds of conversations weren't really happening, but it's a lot more prevalent today. The Salty Dogs Podcast is all about asking questions, and seeking out answers. Where we may take it out on "the Church", you should know we have always looked inward to bring our own hearts and minds under correction most of all.

Although the show ended in March 2021, our episodes live on. If you've stumbled upon our show and it's had any impact on you, whether good or bad, let us know. We take emails at [email protected]

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The Salty Dogs are all about having real, honest and open conversations concerning matters of faith, the Church, Christianity and spirituality. Our hope is encourage others in the faith and always ALWAYS point people to Jesus at the end of the day! The Salty Dogs podcast comes out of Wichita, KS and is a ministry of Hosts are Casey Tavares, Jason Villanueva and Chris Cerna.

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