Save Your Sanity

Yes, you are wise to be self-reflective, asking yourself "What is my part in the relationship difficulties?" #Hijackals and other toxic people want you to taking responsibility for the whole relationship. They are happy to tell you that everything is your fault. You know that.

In this episode, I'm addressing the three BIG questions I am asked so frequently when someone gets to the point of considering leaving, or has recently left a toxic relationship. These three questions cause them to further second-guess themselves from within. Sure, ask those three questions and answer them honestly...ONCE. Then, take action.

#Hijackals and those with narcissistic tendencies and traits know they can baffle you with sweet talk, double talk, or straight out lies. They know. Don't believe them! Yes, it's easier said than done, I know. But, don't believe them. They are behaving from self-interest alone.

Then, don't start feeding yourself the doubts the Hijackal planted within you. That's their thing: keep you in chaos and confusion, always giving them the benefit of the doubt. It is not healthy, and don't buy it.

So, these three big questions come up. Hopefully, after you listen to this episode, you'll be done with those and ready to move forward with a clearer picture of where you're going, what you want, and what you don't. Listen in.


  • Why being self-reflective is a good first strategy
  • Why it's important to get things in perspective for yourself
  • Don't make excuses for a Hijackal and keep yourself stuck
  • The three questions that keep you stuck...or, make you consider going back
  • How, once you've thoroughly explored these three questions, you'll never have to answer them again

You want to be a good person, a fair person, in your relationship. Usually, if you're with a Hijackal, you'll be doing most of the giving, and the Hijackal will happily take, take, take. That's best clearly seen and stopped. Then, be ready to remind yourself of the answers so you don't have to think it through again. I wish you well.

I'm always here to help.

Big hugs!


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The Save Your Sanity podcast offers episodes filled with the expert insights, validation, strategies, and support you need to recognize, manage, and recover from relationships with the relentlessly difficult, toxic--and often disturbing--people host, Dr. Rhoberta Shaler, calls Hijackals®. 

Invaluable help to stop the second-guessing, undermining, and crazy-making traits, patterns, and cycles you have encountered. Understand the ways, whys, and hows that verbal abuse, emotional abuse, and spiritual abuse affect you over time. Whether the Hijackal is a partner, parent, ex, or colleague, what you will learn here will strengthen and empower you to step up, speak up, and stand up for yourself in healthy, assertive ways. Many Hijackals have behaviors that are consider the same as those who are diagnoses as narcissists, borderlines, psychopaths, sociopaths, and histrionic personality disorder.

These insights will help you to make the changes--and good decisions--to move from pain to power, and that's exactly what you want to do! Listen now. 

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Episodes filled with the expert insights, validation, strategies, and support you need to recognize, manage, and recover from relationships with the relentlessly difficult, toxic–and often disturbing–people host, Dr. Rhoberta Shaler, calls Hijackals®.

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