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In the sixth episode of “Talking Digital Industries,” moderator Chris Brow presents a special edition: A collection of his personal highlights from the Digital Enterprise Virtual Summit, a major industry online event organized by Siemens with more than 6,000 live participants from around the world.

The topic: How to adapt to a rapidly changing world? How can industrial companies respond to the new situation created by the corona crisis? How can production become more flexible, efficient and secure to meet constantly changing market conditions and customer requirements?

Tune in and find out!

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In “Talking Digital Industries” moderator Chris Brow explores the technologies and trends that drive industrial enterprises. You´ve always wanted to know how Edge Computing works? Or how Additive Manufacturing can be incorporated into serial production? You are interested in industrial 5G, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing? You´ve certainly come to the right place. Tune in and listen to experts explaining technologies, discussing the latest trends in different industries and more. Subscribe to get all episodes from the “Talking Digital Industries” podcast series.

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This description is from Talking Digital Industries.

The podcast series for technologies and trends that drive industrial enterprises.

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