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The Big Break ∙ Wednesday May 27, 2020 ∙ duration: 1:20:15

Michale Graves- Keeping Focus

Our guest this week is Michale Graves, best known for joining the revival of legendary international punk band ‘The Misfits’ as their lead singer.

Michale has had an incredible career in music, with difficult ebbs and flows of good times and bad. The key to his success? Focus, doing the work and keeping your eye on the prize. Join us as Michale tells the story of how he set himself up for success, both in the past and the present, on this episode of The Big Break.

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Show Notes

1:30Where are you based these days?

2:14How have things been since COVID-19 with your touring plans?

5:20Tell us about your early days in music, how did you get started?

8:13Picking up a guitar

9:25Getting inspired for the first song

10:35How did that first songwriting experience feel?

11:47Growing up and learning about art and music

13:11When did you start playing music with others?

16:30What was your first ‘real’ band?

17:45Tell us about the lead up to your introduction to The Misfits

21:30Tragedy strikes

22:50Getting pointed at The Misfits

26:30What was the audition like?

31:05Was there a lot of competition for the position?

33:01Halloween, and The Misfits need to make a decision

34:12Teaching Pete Steele The Misfits songs

37:25Riding the wave


42:06How did you approach writing new songs with them?

45:08Do you prefer songwriting or performing more?

49:50Can you tell us how you have expanded yourself beyond The Misfits?

50:45Why Michale left The Misfits

51:17Geffen and RoadRunner

54:00Fulfillment, and walking away

55:35Returning to New Jersey and working at IHOP

57:08Considering joining the military

60:04A series of misfortunes

63:30Joining the Marine Corps

65:06Did the connections you made rekindle your musical fire?

69:17Leaving the Marines and starting over again

71:25Getting inspired by The Blues and classic Rock and Roll

73:15What are you involved with now?

76:05The big break, and the little breaks

77:53“Constantly putting yourself in a position to learn, so when that next big break comes along- 

you’re ready.”

78:40How do people keep up with you?

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While the limelight goes to the performers, the heart and soul of the music business is the songwriter. My Big Break explores the stories of these unsung heroes who largely operate behind the scenes, writing and producing the music we all love. How did they write their hit song? What’s the secret to a sustainable creative career in music today? And most importantly… how did they get their Big Break? 

Hosted by Antony Bruno, former Billboard editor and music industry consultant, now Dir. of Communications for Royalty Exchange.

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Hear the stories of some of the music industries most impactful songwriters and how they attained success in the music industry.

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