The Computer Exorcist Bonus Show

latest episode: 11.01.2019 @ 2:55 pm

Electric cars are made of conflict metals - featuring Udochi Okeke

In tonight's episode, the brilliant psychologist and computer programmer Udochi Okeke joins us:We talk about her latest projects, which include writing a dictionary and resurrecting an ancient African…

The Story of The Computer Exorcist Bonus Show

Can’t get enough of The Computer Exorcist Show? Neither could we!

The Computer Exorcist BONUS SHOW is hosted by author and tech guru Marc-Anthony Arena, with lots of special guests. Consider this the after-show party where we can expand upon some of the topics discussed on the main show.

So what’s it about?

We’re here for the 99% of intelligent, successful people in the world who feel helpless with technology. We de-mystify the concepts, scams, and scandals in the computer industry, all in Plain English. While most “computer geeks” just do obsolete virus scans, we’ll discuss The Four New Threats and how to avoid them.

Instead of a one-dimensional “techie” show, we take a well-rounded approach, discussing the potential impact of technology on society and mixing in people from a variety of fields.

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