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Working in Congress Sucks | Roundtable

Sarah, Steve, and Jonah take a break from the typical roundtable punditry to get a little more big picture. How do we fix Congress? What does the Israel-Hamas hostage swap mean for the future of the war? Should you lie to your kids for the sake of certain holiday traditions? Has feminism cost us Thanksgiving? All that and: —Congressional term limits —Expanding the House of Representatives —Repealing Citizens United —Easy answers to the Israel-Hamas War —Biden’s endorsement of a ceasefire —Elf on the shelf: literally 1984?Show notes: -Thursday's Morning Dispatch -George Will: Restoration: Congress, Term Limits and the Recovery of Deliberative Democracy -Jonah: George Will Called Me An Idiot -Restoring the Guardrails of Democracy -Jay Cost on The Remnant -Jonathan Martin: To Departing House Members -Guido Sarducci - Pay For Your Sins Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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Description by The Dispatch Podcast
Host Sarah Isgur is joined by Steve Hayes, and Jonah Goldberg for a weekly thoughtful discussion on politics, policy, and culture.
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